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John William Keiter Record

John William Keiter, b.5/16/1873; d.2/5/1938; m.12/24/1902; Mary Esther Pugh, b.8/19/1882; dec'd; Dau. of Lemuel Pugh, b.5/11/1841; m.1863; Mary Nixon, b.8/26/1841; d.1923; Mary Pugh has these names in her ancestry: Pugh, Stump, Nixon, Caudy, Parkes & Edwards. These genealogies have her family history in them: For her Pugh family see Spaid-Anderson-Whitacre and a Number of Allied Families by Rual Purcell Anderson and Capon Valley, It's Pioneers and Their Descendants by Maud Pugh. For her Stump Family see Peter Stump and His Descendants. Regarding her other surnames see Earliest Settlers of Western Frederick-Eastern Hampshire Counties in Virginia and Their Descendants by Grace Kelso Garner. This book also has a section on Pughs.

This record here stops with Mary Esther Pugh because some of the info. regarding Mary's ancestry in the above mentioned books do not agree with each other. I found the info. in Rual Anderson's book on the Pugh family to be rather sketchy and confusing. Therefore I will leave the record here at this time until further research can establish Mary's line going further back in these families. There is another book out on the family of Robert Pugh which traces a line back to Charlemagne.

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